Best of IASLC WCLC 2016

The Best of IASLC WCLC is an educational initiative of IASLC designed to engage researchers and practitioners unable to attend the IASLC 17th World Conference on Lung Cancer. The program condenses the timeliest scientific and educational topics from multiple disciplines into a 1- or 2-day event (typically 6-8 hours of educational sessions per day).

Presented by regional teams recruited from multiple disciplines, the event brings the top abstracts, as chosen by the experts on the WCLC Scientific Committee, to professionals engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer and related malignancies in a concise presentation.

There are numerous planned sites around the world; below is a list of Best of IASLC WCLC meeting locations and dates being offered in 2016–2017 as of press time:

India—December 2016
Italy (Torino)—December 2016
Italy (Firenze)—December 2016
Italy (Bari)—December 2016
Japan—December 2016
France (Paris)—January 2017
Korea—January 2017
China—January 2017
Poland—January 2017
Italy (Milano)—January 2017
Denmark—January 2017
Greece (Kalamata)—February 2017
Peru—February 2017
United States (San Francisco)—February 2017
Serbia—March 2017
Brazil—March 2017
France—March 2017
Greece (Athens)—March 2017

➲ This information continues to be updated. Please check under Conferences & Events, or contact for updated information.