The Lung Cancer Research Foundation and Free to Breathe Merge to Fight Lung Cancer

Posted: December 2017

Effective September 30, 2017, the Lung Cancer Research Foundation and Free to Breathe have merged organizations, with the goal of closing the funding gap for lung cancer research. The mission to improve lung cancer outcomes by funding research for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of lung cancer continues in the newly formulated organization, and the Lung Cancer Research Foundation name will be retained.

“As a lung cancer researcher, I know firsthand the significant impact both organizations have had on the lung cancer community,” said Brendon M. Stiles, MD, Chair of the Lung Cancer Research Foundation’s Board of Directors. “Over the last decade we have seen steady progress in the field of lung cancer research, which has led to improved patient outcomes.”

Both the Lung Cancer Research Foundation and Free to Breathe have a long history of funding innovative, high-reward research across the spectrum of basic, clinical, and translational research with the potential to extend survival and improve quality of life for people with lung cancer. The newly expanded organization has funded a cumulative 342 grants, totaling nearly $34 million, the highest amount of funding provided by a lung cancer research organization to date.

“By coming together, we can build upon the momentum we have established separately to expand our Scientific Grant Program and increase funding for lung cancer research,” said Nancy M. Sanford, Executive Director, the Lung Cancer Research Foundation. “We are proud of the research our organizations have funded thus far and are thrilled that we are uniting to increase our grant funding moving forward.” ✦

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