Lung Cancer 360 Forum Overview: C.A.I.R.O Journal Club’s Fourth Anniversary

The C.A.I.R.O Journal Club meeting serves as a collaborative forum for attendees

By C.A.I.R.O Journal Club Executive Board

Posted: April 2018

In early February, the Critical Appraisal Initiative for Research in Oncology (C.A.I.R.O) Journal Club celebrated its fourth anniversary by hosting a Lung Cancer 360 Forum in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The Forum was a 2-day interactive educational event that gathered 205 senior and early-career oncology physicians and pharmacists involved in the management and care of patients with lung cancer. The attendees came from different Egyptian cities including Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, Zagazig, Tanta, and Assiut and represented major university hospitals, specialized governmental, and private cancer care centers.

C.A.I.R.O Journal Club was born as a successor to the “Oncology Marathon” that originally started in 2013. Early meetings were in the form of roundtable workshops focused on critical appraisal of recently published studies, with an emphasis on methodology, assessment of internal and external validity, and application of evidence. The meetings soon evolved into large-scale monthly educational events with a multi-institutional and multidisciplinary orientation.

During the Forum—which included internationally and national renowned scholars in the field of thoracic oncology— radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, and medical, radiation, and clinical oncologists comprehensively discussed the experiences of patients with early and advanced NSCLC. The sessions covered the basic knowledge needed for diagnosis and proper management and provided an opportunity to apply this knowledge through interactive case discussions and a hands-on radiotherapy training workshop.

There is a tremendous revolution in the landscape of oncology diagnosis and management, which requires continuous medical education. Thus, comprehensive educational events such as this constitute an excellent forum for in-depth knowledge updates, interaction, and collaboration between different specialties involved in cancer care. ✦

C.A.I.R.O Journal Club Executive Board Members:

• Dr. Ahmed Magdy Rabea (Cairo University)
• Dr. Amr Shafi k (Ain Shams University)
• Dr. Basel Refky (Mansoura University)
• Dr. Emad Shash (Cairo University)
• Dr. Khaled Abdel Aziz (Ain Shams University)
• Dr. Loay Kassem (Cairo University)
• Dr. Noha Rashad (Maadi Armed Forces Compound)
• Dr. Omar Abdel-Rahman (Ain Shams University)